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I don’t care.

by on Dec.30, 2014, under info

Hi Guys,

Kats here. The end of 2014 is nearly here and I hope you all had a great year!
For me 2014 is different from any previous years. Yeah I had brain surgery – first experience in my life.

It was actually a good opportunity for me to think everything through deeper and I found when I was sick I appreciated and thanked everyone and everything.
It has now been 8 months since I had my first surgery and I have slowly recovered, I am now back to 69% of my full condition.
Now I can work every day, I can drink a little bit and I can do light exercise but nothing too heavy.

Despite having had this opportunity for deeper thinking, I found that as I regained better physical condition I began taking easier way and easier thinking again.

I started forgetting how much I should have appreciated things going on around me when I was sick … yeah.. I am still simple and silly… unfortunately.

Now I need to remind myself of those days in my hospital bed and what I thought and felt during that time.
As I am born in 69, my life is almost at a half way point and it is a time for me to work more for others.
I don’t care what people think about me but I do care about people.
Tune-Up is a little hidden party house in Surfers Paradise and ultimately my purpose is to see how much you guys are having fun here with our Tune-Up crue.

I thank you all for 2014 and wish you happy New Year for 2015!!
Until next time, lets keep on going!

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