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by on Jul.07, 2016, under info

Hi Guys, It’s Kats here.
It’s just turning July and the second half of 2016 has started. Well time is passing so quickly and things are always changing to new.

Lately I feel that running my own business is like managing a sport team. New York Yankees for Major League Baseball in USA, apparently Yankees fans can be so tough and sometimes so mean to even their own Yankees players if their performance doesn’t meet what they want; but then if his performance is great, they love him crazily. Every season some players go and some join. If he’s a great player in this season it doesn’t mean he will be great again in the following. It has never always been the same team, but the management, players, and fans have been always one as Yankees make their 115 years history.

We, Tune-Up in our 8 years history is not like the enormous New York Yankees, but we probably are like the Brisbane Bandits. (I know most of you even don’t know Australia has a professional Baseball league ABL and we have Bandits in Brisbane) Bandits are a small market team but that’s fine and they are still cool. We call ourselves “A Little Shitty Bar in Surfers” but we are also still cool and funky!!! We do things in our way and it doesn’t matter what happens. Myself as an owner of this little shitty bar is trying to always have a good working environment for my staff. It lets us perform better and makes sure us, regulars, and customers are having a great experience together. That is all we are aiming to do.

Team Tune-Ups Wannabe Head Coaches

Team Tune-Ups Wannabe Head Coaches

I know some say that producing money is ultimate purpose of running the business… Yes money is always important for all of us and we want always want more money. But I am not a good business minded person at all…. Now lets say the most important thing for us at Tune-Up is our people. Customers, bar staff and all people involved in Tune-Up should have a great time as one like Yankees!! Guys, I don’t mind if you are tough to us and say “Booooooo!!” if our performance doesn’t meet what you want. But I’m not asking you to like us, but what we are trying to do is being a team that you guys can’t help but love like crazy!!!

Thanks Guys for reading my blog message and hope to see you soon in the bar. Let’s keep on going until next time!!

Tune-Ups Crazy Fans

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