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Hi Guys


So recently we’ve all been reading through the old blogs which is always great fun! Back from the team I originally started; Carly, Bec and Kelc, all the way through till now. This year is almost over and its been an absolute whirlwind for Tune-Up!  We’ve had a few staff changes and a few operational changes (some which Kats may not actually be aware of…). There was a blog written just over 3 years ago by Bec that went into some behind the scenes conversations at Tune-Up so we thought we’d create a new version.



This year we all went to a Chinese restaurant for our Christmas dinner. We decided to order a plate each to share and this is how the conversation went…


KATS: “Who here is a veggie?”

MADDI: “Nope!”

LAURA: “Nah I tried it last week but it was too hard!”

RHIANNON: “I’m slowly re-introducing meat”

KRIS: “Says nothing, we all know she’s our token vegan”

CHANTELLE “Sure am, the only meat I eat is DICK!”


Now nobody feels like eating and thankfully Kats doesn’t understand why

we’re all laughing.


Now enough about the stupid things we all say, everyone that comes through our doors always leaves us with something funny to remember them by!!




STAFF: Are you paying cash or card?



CUSTOMER: When do you get up to sing??

STAFF: oh we don’t sing we’re dancers


CUSTOMER: If you could hear any song what would it be??

STAFF: oh there’s this really great band I like called silence….you should sing one of their songs….they’re our fav.


“How do you work here?!”


“Where’s Kats, you know the Asian that owns it. He’s a really great friend of mine and says I don’t need to pay entry”.



TYLER: I’m not fucking James!


“What’s a private room aye ;)”

Cue Chantelles entrance with above dinner comment… 😉


*Maddi and Laura standing at the bar talking*

CUSTOMER: Are you done yet?!

MADDI AND LAURA: Nope, not after that comment!


CUSTOMER: I’m a really good singer, you guys should really be paying ME to sing here.

STAFF: oh you’re a good singer? Have you heard our guard James?……..


KATS: Refer to blog from Aug 2013 because he stills says the same shit!

To be fair though one thing has changed about Kats, now instead of buying the worlds worst junk food every night he’s gone on a health kick and started buying ‘Kat food’ which includes organic apples and vegan muesli bars (maybe after all of Kris’s vegan lectures everyone is being converted!!).



Final thoughts! Despite all of this years changes there’s always one thing in Tune-Up that stays the same! Can you guys guess what it is??

The sticky carpet?

The song list?


No!!!!! It’s how much much we actually fucking love each other! Never before has coming into work felt like not actually coming into work. All of us girls feel so lucky to be able to spend every night together, it makes work feel like being in high school again – heaps of alcohol, someone always telling us to do our work (Kats) and always having a friend to spend the time with!!! But as much as we love each other, we love and appreciate everyone of you who helps make Tune up what it is! So thank you to our regulars, our new comers and all those far and in between! You all really and truely make this shitty little bar the best shitty little bar in Surfers Paradise!!


So from our little family to yours; Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year! We hope to see you all in the new year for a catch up (after you’ve all broken your “I’m not drinking this year” New Years resolutions of course)!


-Laura (and all of the girls at Tune-Up)

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  • Mark

    Hey guys,
    I’d just like to thank you for your amazing customer service you have. When Im with my friends out partying we love to stop at tune-up.
    And yes I can confirm that your staff can be really funny sometimes, haha.
    Thanks again

  • Rock

    Love the comments from last year. Nothing from this year yet!