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Farewell but Never Goodbye

by on Dec.31, 2014, under info

Farewell my friends!

We all know I love Tune-Up, it’s staff and it’s customers so I’ll keep this short and sweet! I just wanted to write a quick good bye as this Friday (2nd Jan) marks my last ever shift behind the bar at Tune-Up after almost 2 years!

Before you all start cracking open the champagne to celebrate the thought of never having to put up with me again on your night out I must inform you I am not leaving Tune-Up. As some of you know my partner and I are expecting a baby and so I will be doing some behind the scenes work from now on to make Tune-Up a bigger and better place for you all! 2014 was a great year with lots of new changes and not to mention all new staff and I know 2015 will be even better!

I just wanted to thank /most/ of you for being so great and making work not only bearable but enjoyable and to the rest of you so long! I will be missing you all but I know it won’t be anywhere near as much as you’ll miss me!

With that said make sure you all have a drink on me this New Years Eve (seeing as I can’t!) I wish you all a very happy New Year and hope to see you all Friday for one last hoorah!

Much love,

Ps. If you have any great ideas or some changes you’d like to see in Tune-Up shoot me an email at laura@tune-up.net.au and we’ll make it happen!

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