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by on Nov.24, 2014, under info

Hello fellow Tune-up goers! Emily here, reporting for bar duty.

For those who are yet to meet me I’m the new lass behind the alcohol (sometimes) with the oddly coloured hair (all times) and giant glasses.

I’m one of Tune-Up’s newbie staff given the awesome opportunity to work at the best (and only…shhhhh) karaoke bar in surfers. I’m going on two months at Tune-Up and still loving every minute. Going to work doesn’t feel like working and I meet more interesting people and make more friends than a night out of clubbing ever could.

I’m from a small country town smack bam in the middle of Queensland (Barcaldine for those of you with google maps). I worked in a bar there for just over eleven months. Coming to work was like getting paid to socialise and have a good time (and I got to skip the hangover that usually follows). I loved the people I worked with and the customers were family. When I moved to the Gold Coast and started job hunting I didn’t expect to find a similar atmosphere. It was Surfers Paradise after all, I expected to get a job in a club were the only time I would get to talk to customers was when they were screaming their drink order out over the music. At Tune-Up I never stop meeting new people and making new friends! I’m not the only one either. Our kooky bar seems to be a hub of new friendships. After belting your heart out in front of someone, it’s pretty easy to move onto conversation from there!


Tune-Up has that “something” that makes it an amazing place for both staff and customers alike. An ever growing family, one everyone is welcome to become a part of. It’s an all-round good night out and a chance to show all present how fantastic you are on the microphone! A night out here is sure to be a memorable one, so I hope to see you on my next shift!

Let’s have fun and make fools of ourselves on the microphone together! See you soon!

Emily =)


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