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When Kats is away, his mice will play

by on May.10, 2014, under info

Ahoy there! Bec and Georgie here….As some of you regulars may have noticed, our beloved boss Kats has been rather MIA this week due to short vacation he’s having at the Gold Coast Hospital …don’t worry, he’s alive and well, they’re just fixing a few loose screws in his brain 🙂

What this has meant for the Tune-Up girls is a week-long party without the Kats-man! And boy have we been up to mischief! Haha. Not really…..but we have enjoyed running the joint on our own.  All we’ve really been able to take advantage of is being able to play Taylor Swift night after night without Kats rolling his eyes at us…….oh and our regular visits to Oporto at 1am every night for hot chippies!

Amidst Kats’ absence, we have learnt a few valuable lessons. Such as:

-No, women cannot fix things…including microphones or toilets…in fact we’re completely useless when it comes to these “mechanical/tech” things.

-Kats actually has a LOT of admirers….in other words it seems as though EVERY man and his dog have noticed that Kats hasn’t been here. It seems his presence is more noted than we thought!

-Carrying kilograms’s of groceries and stock is INCREDIBLY phsycially demanding…..we better have lost at LEAST 10 kilos each after the physical exhaustion we’ve endured the past week and a half.

-Kats really DOES work very hard. After having to take on all of his “owner” rolls, we’ve realized just how much he does….he shops, he carries stock, he fixes things, we answers calls and emails…..he really is the whole package and we don’t think we’ll ever be able to match his Power Ranger super human abilities!

-And last but not least, the biggest lesson we have learnt is that Tune-Up CAN still run without the Kats man….who would’ve known! We were certain it was going to fall to pieces after the first day….

Anyhow, we’re happy to report that Kats is back in our arms and perfectly healthy and now the hole that lingered without Kats here has been filled again. So make sure you come up and say hello to your favourite bar owner!! He’s missed you all!

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