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Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

by on May.22, 2014, under info

Well HELLO there! Vicky here…one of the newest members to join the Tune-Up gang. Welcome to my first blog post! I have been excited to write this post and I finally have my chance on a cruisy, chilled Monday night at the bar.

It’s been such an awesome experience working here at the bar, I’ve been meeting some really rad people! Meeting the Tune-Up girls and all the regulars has been so much fun, I know I have made some awesome friends. And of course all the other characters that come through the doors.  It has been a crack up!  One of the funnest parts has been going back to down memory lane with all the songs that are selected and the bar, and remembering some awesome forgotten tunes. It has also been amazing to learn how many song lyrics I have been singing wrong all of these years!! Haha!!

The gang here have got to talking about the live music we have seen over the years and the best concert you have ever attended. It has been a test on the memory that’s for sure! It’s funny sometimes how your music taste can change over the years, from your teenage years to your adult years, but there is always a favourite band or genre you seem to come back to. For me though, I have such a diverse range of music that I love. I still love all the music I listened to when I was young, all the music my parents loved and all the new music that comes out today. For me, there is no real genre, I either hear a song and I love it or I hate it!

So on that note, I will get back to my research of the Tune-Up song book to start my list of favourites. No doubt it is going to keep changing but I got to narrow my list of songs I love to sing down otherwise I will hog the mike too much!!


p.s – my favourite concerts were…Muse, Eminem and Gotye!
(so far…)


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