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No more chocolate, Many more memories!

by on Apr.28, 2014, under info

Hello Everyone!

Maddi here, just dropping in to say hello!

I’m hoping Easter was as fabulous for all of you as it was for me with all of the chocolate and goodies that I received, as well as seeing some regular and new faces that came into Tune-Up over the Easter weekend!!!!!!!

The last few months have been a fabulous experience getting to know the regulars as well as new faces! With many fun times watching you all get up and sing songs fabulously ;)!!!!……………..I look forward to seeing you all smash out some new and entertaining songs!!

Easter Sunday was a busy night at Tune-Up!!!…………………Having loads of fun and laughs with the Tune-Up girls as well as seeing everyone enjoy themselves was a very enjoyable way to spend Easter Sunday night :))))))))))))… Was definitely a way to work off all of the chocolate with all of the dancing along to each others songs!!!

I would have to say one of the funniest parts of working at Tune-Up is the hiliarious faces that every one of you pull when you either have tasty Power Ranger shots, tequila or sambucca shots!!! :PPPP…………

Was sad to see one of the TuneUp girls, that being Kelcey leave so shortly after I started, miss herrrrrrrrr!!. although the rest of the girls are fabulously fun to work with and are so welcoming and slightly crazy :P…………..

I have enjoyed every shift working with these girls as well as seeing all of your lovely faces and if you haven’t been to Tune-Up before then I HIGHLY recommend you come in have a drink and show myself and the rest of the venue your no doubt fabulous voices!


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