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Six Months Deep at Tune-Up

by on Mar.19, 2014, under info


Hi Guys Georgie here…So if you’ve been tuning into tune-up’s blog you’d realize this is my first time writing. I’ve finally hit the six month mark and loved every minute with the crew and the customers . When I first started I was shy, unsure and nervous as most people are when they start a new job. Everyone around me was so confident. I mean most people who work or come into a karaoke bar have to be… they are singing in front of everyone, I think that takes balls in itself.

So I kind of hid in my shell for the first couple of months while I got used to every thing. The microphone was one of my bigger fears to conquer, as everyone knows the girls always say “good jobbbbb!” when someone finishes a song and I couldn’t bring myself to do that. The weeks went on and more regulars came in so I was known as the new girl. I started to recognise faces and talk to people. Watching everyone interact, I saw it wasn’t very hard to make friends here. People would always say hello and introduce themselves and have a chat.

To me Tune-up is like no other. It doesn’t have the same feeling as a normal club or bar. Tune-up is a unique sociable place where everyone happily talks, sings and drinks with anyone and everyone. Maybe that’s why I come here even on my nights off, to have a chat with the regular customers that I’ve come to know and whose company I now really enjoy.

So now as I move forward into my next 6 months at Tune-Up, I look forward to meeting new people and making new friends and learning new things about not only this job but the people who make this job so much fun. 🙂

Georgie xo

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