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Out With The Old In With The New

by on Mar.31, 2014, under info


Kelcey here……….

If you haven’t heard already Thursday the 26th of March was my last shift at Tune–Up But not to worry guys we have had an influx of new staff and they are fit, fun, flirty and perfectly suited for Tune-Up!!!! So like the saying goes …..Out with the old and in with the new =)!!! But of course this is no excuse for all my Tune-Up Lovers to forget about me. I will be back down to visit and I still expect the same love when I come back. Now now this may come as a huge surprise to you all but I am a high school teacher and I am off to a small country town to introduce the arts. Surprise I’m not just a pretty face 😉 haha. So wish me luck!!!

Now that I am gone I expect all of you will look after my girls while I’m gone. These girls are the heart and soul of Tune-Up. They can make anyone and everyone smile with no effort. It has been a heart wrenching experience to say goodbye but with such amazing personalities and looks to die for I trust my girls will achieve anything and everything. And of course Kats !
Well he is a character on his own =). He is the father Kitty to all the little Kittens that work here haha. I call him “Kitty Kats.”

Now to all the Tune-Up customers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting it’s time to say bye. I will be back to visit when I can and bust out some awesome tunes at my favorite bar. And to all those who haven’t had the pleasure of coming into Tune-Up yet I promise you it will be a night to remember. The staff are beyond amazing and you will always feel like a known VIP every time you walk through the door. Now I could go on for ages about how amazing Tune-Up and its crew is but this could possibly take days, months, years haha. So take my word for it and come experience Tune-Up for yourself. =)

Now to ensure you that our new staff members are up to Tune-Up standards I have had the girls complete a variety of tasks before they officially become Tune-Up crue!!!!! These tasks

consisted of;

Being able to still look sexy while wearing a garbage bag.

Getting at least one number to add to our Wall Of Shame. (refer to my first blog, entitled Wall of Shame XXXX)

Must attempt to follow customers very closely without them noticing. Also known as ghosting. Then or if they get caught they must be able to talk themselves out of the awkward situation.

And of course all our lovelies girls passed and have now joined our Tune-up crew.


OKAY OKAY…….. enough with the chitty chat Kelcey, it’s time for me to take over. Now I know everyone is so sad to see Kelcey go but have no fear MADDI IS HERE!!!!!! Haha and I am fully equipped with proper bar skills and I do not continuously dance around the bar like a wannabe pop star like that silly girl ;). I may have only been here for four weeks but I promise to keep your drinks filled, sing songs with you and ensure you have a fantastic night every night So come in and hang with me !! Cant wait to meet you all.

Maddi xx.

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