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by on Feb.24, 2014, under info

Hi guys, Carly here

Well this is my final blog. If you haven’t heard already Thursday the 20th of February was my final night at Tune Up. I’m so sad to say goodbye but so happy to begin a new adventure. Tune Up became my second home and although it was a job it felt like a family at Tune Up. No it didn’t feel like it, we are a family at Tune Up! Between the Tune Up Crue and all of our amazing customers. I have learnt and grown so much throughout my time in this little bar hidden away in Surfers Paradise.

Where do I begin to explain. Kats, we all know this man. The owner and creator of Tune Up. When I came back to Tune Up after a few years dancing overseas I contacted Kats. I came back with only the limited bar experience I had gained from working at Tune Up 5yrs ago. After having worked at Tune Up for a small amount of time I expressed my interest to Kats in becoming more involved in the business. I wanted to be the manager. I felt and still do feel that Tune Up is special, and I have always said to myself that no matter what I do in life I want to be a part of something special. Kats took a chance with me and gave me the opportunity. It’s hard in this life to gain a job without experience and few employers will take a chance on someone with no experience. But Kats did. I am and forever will be so grateful to have been given this opportunity. In this life if you have the opportunity, give someone a chance, share your knowledge with them and allow them to show you how great they can be.

From start to finish of my time at Tune Up I have worked with 2 inspirational girls. Bec and Kelcey. My sisters from other misters. When you go into Tune Up take the time to get to know them. They have changed my life and made me a better person. I urge all of you to surround yourselves with people like this. And let’s not forget my beautiful Georgie, our newest addition (but not so new) Completely addicted to the nerds lollies, completely OCD, colour co-coordinating the straws and completely amazing. A truly wonderful person.

Now onto all of YOU!! Gosh how do I explain? I have come to know so many of you. I will miss each and every one of you. My favorite part was watching people who started off quite shy at the beginning of the night suddenly gain courage (even if there was a little liquid courage to help) to get up and sing. Everybody cheering each other on. The entire bar becoming friends. Freakin amazing!! The massive smile I got from all of you as you walk through the door was heartwarming. And let’s not forget the memories created by the endless songs that I sang with you many of you.

And so as I say goodbye a song comes to mind which represents my feelings for you.
Unforgettable. It’s the version from the tv series Will and grace. Never mind the video, just listen… As I say for one last time Good jarrrrrrrrb.


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  • danial

    Its sad that you left tune up my singing buddy but just remember this with every adventure ends there’s always a new adventure hopefully everything works out and hopefully you will come back up and vist us one day.
    Sorry I didn’t properly say good bye I was injured I couldn’t walk for 1 week lucky I am able to walk again nearly got put in hospital to next time be safe take care from Chantelle and Danial

  • Martin

    I am so happy to have been able to have been lucky enough that my work load allowed me to have been there for Kats and Your farewell nite. Sad, Bloody Oath, But you are the complete package for what is needed to get it off the ground, I`m putting money aside to sing on opening nite, Hope I will be There, Martin/VIS