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by on Jan.31, 2014, under info

Hey Tunestars!  Bec here….

So this past week has been filled with celebration at Tune-Up as we had two Tune-Up birthdays. The beautiful Kelcey turned 22 on the 23rd and I turned 24 on the 29th!

The Tune Up Crue always try and make birthdays special. When a customer has a birthday one of the girls grab the microphone and call the birthday boy or girl onto the stage. They then proceed to get the enitre crowd involved and sing happy birthday to them.

I always hear my elders say that as each birthday comes they get less and less exciting…but I would have to disagree. As each birthday approaches, I get JUST as excited as I did when I was a kid. What’s not to love about birthdays? You get lots a presents, HEAPS of Facebook birthday messages and most importantly…you get cake… A LOT of cake…sometimes more than one cake which leads to the main subject of this blog…

So ever since I was a kid I have always had THE BEST birthday cakes. My mum had one of those 80’s Woman’s Weekly birthday cake catalogues so each year she would spend hours concocting the most out-of-this-world ridiculous birthday cakes, from a Princess castle to a Miss Piggy cake. As I got older, she no longer MADE me cakes and started to just buy them yet she still NAILED it every year, particularly whenever she bought me my favourite White Chocolate mud cake from The Cheesecake Shop.

So as per usual, as my birthday approached this year I became overwhelmed with excitement at the thought of that sweet, sugar-filled white chocolate mud cake hitting my lips and sending me on a high that no drug, alcohol or other addictive substance could ever achieve. I even raved on about it to my boyfriend on the car ride to my birthday lunch to get him just as excited as I was.

So after we finished our scrumptious lunch at 360 at the Grand Hotel (I absolutely devoured my grilled seafood plate) I watched and waited with much anticipation as I saw mum scampering around trying to get the wait staff organized for the grand finale, the main event….the bringing out of my incredible cake that was bound to be SO magnificent that it would make people stop and stare in envy, wishing they could indulge in such luxuries.

As the waitstaff walked out from the kitchen singing Happy Birthday I looked into the hands of the leading waitress trying to make out the small brown blob of disappointment she was bringing out on a plate…. Surely that $6 crappy 3 day old Coles CHOCOLATE cake was not mine when my mum knows I don’t like chocolate cake….I watched in horror as they placed it in front of me and continued to sing. They may as well have plonked a lump of coal in front of me…or a note attached saying “this is how much we hate you”.  I could have cried….or curled up into a ball in a small dark place and hidden for an eternity to mask the shame I felt knowing all of these people SAW me receive this hideous cake.

So it was a traumatic birthday, to say the least. But as I get older, I am learning to accept the fact that we cannot control the terrible things that happen in our lives and I simply need to learn how to endure these catastrophes and walk out as unscathed as I possibly can.

May my next birthday deliver me a cake so beautiful and delicious that it makes global headlines…

Until next time!

Bec xo




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