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Ridin the 2014

by on Dec.30, 2013, under info

Hi Guys, Kats here. This is going to be the last message in the Tune-Up Blog  in 2013.

It is the last moment of the year again. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way but the time passes so quick and its getting faster and faster every year. I was born in the last year of the 1960’s and now I feel like my time has a turbo engine, maybe in 10 years time it will have a jet engine and another 10 years will get a space shuttle!! Well it really makes me feel I have to have a super engine for my daily activity as well so that I can catch up with the time that will never stop for you.

But at the same time if I feel the time passes much quicker than ever, it probably means that I should finally have reached to the certain stage of life that you could say being a mature man… It should maybe come earlier but it seems to have taken me over 40 years to be a mature man?!! ….. Well they say its typical for lots of men to spend a bloody long time to come to the stage… Still some never even reach the stage, like my dad who is 77 years old is still a big kid who thinks only himself….   As lots of women notice men are simple and silly creatures. Do you also notice human society is very similar to the animal society?  Do you know how the lions pride works? Only one male can have a family, all females work for the family very hard, and the rest of the males are kicked out…….. Which means big or small men are still facing a pressure of life even though we’re simple and silly…..

With some reasonable pressure of the life I have also reached the current stage, that nearly Tune-up Bar’s 6th year comes, The 6th year, it happens only because lots of people have been helping me a lot. At first I must thank all my staff who have never stopped smiling at the bar. They are really lioness’ who work hard and support me all the time. I also want to thank all the people who are involved in Tune-Up bar. Security guards who protect the venue every night, our lawyer, accountants and all supplyers who are on a  daily basis supporting us.  And most of all you guys, Tune-Up lovers. “Tune-Up lovers” who are loved by Tune-Up Crue. You give us a great inspiration every single night!!!

Tune Up girls

My Lioness Tune – Up Crue 

Thank you very much for the whole year and wish all of you to have a great year in 2014.

Until next time, lets keep on going!





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