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What’s Your Favourite Song?

by on Oct.27, 2013, under info

Oh Heyyyy there! Bec here….

When Kats told me it was my turn to write a blog post, my mind went blank as to which topic to touch on. Then that little man called Logic crept into the core of my brain and whispered “just make it simple, Bec. Don’t overcomplicate things.” And so, I shan’t. It got me thinking about the SIMPLE things in life. The things that make me happy and release those fuzzy little endorphins into my head. Then it came to me like a Tsunami crashing into the shoreline…..Music. And the question became so simple….What is my favourite song??? This question is a question that has burrowed itself deep inside my mind for many years now, ever since the first time a customer in this bar asked me that very question. Until now, I really haven’t pondered the question. And the answer is this…..I do not have a Goddamn clue.

I have come to the conclusion that this question that all of you ask so frequently is an unanswerable question. There are simply too many factors involved. My taste in music varies from the deep bass sounds of Red Hot Chili Peppers to the upbeat, girly, ex-boyfriend-bashing pop beats of Taylor Swift and that is simply because, like all humans, my moods change. One minute I’ll be banging my head to crazy bangers in da clubbb, the next I’ll be listening to Angus and Julia Stone wondering why I haven’t yet taken up the guitar.

So let me try and answer this question the best I can. I’m going to break it down to my top 3, in no particular order.

1. “Romeo and Juliet” The Killers…..Yes I know Dire Straits did it first, but The Killers did it better. Why do I love this song so much? Perhaps it’s because The Killers are my favourite band, or maybe because Brandon Flowers’ voice is something out of a dream and he could sing about a cat licking its fur and I’d be mesmerised, but I think it’s quite simple, I just like the way this song sounds. It makes me happy. Period.

2. “I Never Knew You” by The Rocket Summer- This one is easy. This is my highschool jam. Me and my group of school friends used to blare this song at every house party and sing it like we were singing into the souls of every human on this earth.

3. “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift- This is my “I have no shame” song. I don’t care what you say, I LOVE Taylor Swift, I love her songs, I love her blunt hatred from the male race and I especially love THIS SONG. It’s the song I blast through the speakers of my car after work. It’s the song that winds me down before bed and calms me after a crazy night. And it’s just a bonus that it was written about mega babe, Jake Gyllenhal.

So there you have it. After deep analysis, I have provided you with my top three favourite songs of all time.

Adios my fellow music-lovers!

Bec xo




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