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What’s Your Story??

by on Sep.09, 2013, under info

As you weekend visitors may have noticed, our beloved Manager Carly was absent for a few nights (a girl’s gotta have a weekend off to let her hair down!), so naturally after not seeing each other for an ENTIRE week, we had a LOT to catch up upon arrival to my 10pm shift tonight. Anyhow…we got onto the conversation of this new TV show we’ve both gotten into and this show is pretty messed up, to the point of freaking my friends out… SO it got me questioning what people must think of me and the weird, crazy little interests and habits I have. It got me thinking about people, and in particular our customers and what crazy, funny and exciting lives you live outside of this bar!

I’d like to think that we all know most of our customers pretty well but the truth is, we really don’t. When you walk through that door at the start of the night, we don’t know where you’ve come from, who you were just with or what job you were DYYING to that day and similarly, when
you go home we don’t know what life you are going back to.

I know it sounds suuuuper creepy of me to explore this topic and pretty much admit that I’m wondering where you go when you leave this bar (I swear I don’t follow you) but it just makes me really curious about the story each of our customers has outside of this bar. For all I know, you
could be Princess Diana’s niece or your grandfather may have been on the Titantic when it sank or you may have just won $50 million moments before you walked into our bar….I just don’t know!!!!

I’ve always been questioned about my over-analysis of human behaviour and general curiosity in strangers but I think that in this modern, technological age where we’re all glued to our Iphones and Ipads, we don’t take enough time to get to know people and really find out their story. If we did, we did we may discover something really interesting….or just plain disturbing!

So where am I going with this may you ask??? Well…I think it’s important for all of us, and in particular us Tune-Up girls as Bar Hostesses to get to know our incredible customers…to find out their story and share ours. We love when you come in and tell us about your night or vent to us about your day at work. It makes us feel like we’re on the same level as you.

So come on in, tell us your story…or just sing about it 😉

Bec xo

Carly & Bec

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  • mark

    Ask and ye shall know but my song choices sum up my week and that’s about it really outside of tune up I teach information technology and run a camping a survival business also I don’t punctuate it annoys the hell out of people so I do apologise but wanting to know your fellow man is an inherited position of life but all honesty why do I attend a bar or come to a bar that has karaoke its simple there is no judging there is no one that I’ve met yet that hasn’t struck up a conversation best place on the coast to spend a night and the staff makes it a pleasure every week there isn’t to many places on the coast that greet you with “Chivas” and let you finish your drinks after close love the place.