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Lonely Monday Shift

by on Aug.12, 2013, under info

Good evening my fellow tune up lovers.

It is once again the start of my lonely Monday shift!!!

I call it the lonely Monday shift because it is the only day of the week where I don’t have a fellow tune up girl with me.  Of course I do have Kats here to give me a lending hand if necessary.  So to keep me company I often encourage fellow tune-up lovers to come visit.  I personally believe Mondays would be the best night for customers to come in ! Mondays are not usually busy, which means everyone is able to sing as many songs as they like! Unlike the weekends, Mondays are a lot more intimate and relaxing.  It also gives me the opportunity to have a chat with our customers and get to know them a little better.   The atmosphere is also more chilled and everybody seems to go out of their way to meet the other patrons in the bar. So personally I believe it is the best night to come in !!

It is the only day of the week where I actually get on the mic and bust out a few of my favorite tunes.  But once I start singing I don’t actually stop unless there is work to be done! So poor Kats is stuck listening to me (the screaming cat ) sing songs I clearly am not able to sing!! =) And needless to say I am a huge beyonce and Eminem fan, so I do believe he would be sick of these artists by now.

So when you’re at home bored on a Monday night, get up and come visit me.  Why not start your week off on a high! Meet some new people, sing a few songs and maybe consume some sneaky drinks.  You do only live once so I encourage everyone to take a step out of their comfort zone and try something new!! Tune- up Karaoke Bar the only place to be on a Monday night!!!!


Love Kelcey xx

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