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by on Aug.22, 2013, under info

Hi guys,

It’s Kats here…

It has been a very busy 2 weeks. Both for the opening hours and the renovation work. Some of you have already seen the changes that have been made to Tune Up Bar. We now have a new bar counter but it is still half way to being completed. Hopefully now we can give you even better service for your enjoyment of Tune Up entertainment.


The last 2 weeks and the week coming we have a lot of things to organise. I haven’t time for much sleep and became grumpy and eventually had a migraine. The other night I had dinner with a friend of mine. We had a few vodkas which made my migraine even worse! But that experience makes me think… When and how much I should drink?… In a smart way? As drinking works in different ways for each person.


A few weeks ago the American Navy were on the Gold Coast and quite a few visited Tune Up. I remember two soldiers in particular. These soldiers came in on a Monday night. They asked about the ‘Power Ranger Shots’ we are currently introducing. 5 different shots each a different colour and flavour Red, Blue, yellow, pink and green. They ordered one each before they began drinking Jack daniels and coke.  After having a few JD’s they ordred another round of power Ranger shots and continued on drinking JD and coke. They were always very respectful and enjoying themselves. The boys really impressed me with their ability to hold their alcohol. This really interested me and made me think about how people enjoy drinking.

At the same time I also remember my time in Singapore in early 2000. I met lots of Chinese people. They don’t do shots like we do here. Instead they do ‘bottoms up’ what ever they are holding beer, wine, spirits etc etc. They say Kampei the meaning of cheers but often the meaning being changed to bottoms up during drinking time. They often make an excuse to kampei. I remember I had to cheat and swap my brandy for healthy chinese tea. Pretending to drink as much as they do.

We all drink in different ways and we all act in different ways. Some being smiley, some talkative, some crying and some being a dick. It doesn’t matter which way but we always wana be cool at the Tune Up bar. If you are smiley its ok, if you are talkative its ok, if you are crying its still ok, even if you are a dick its still ok. To be cool understand ones self and others and respect both.

Until next time…..

Keep on going.


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