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Chicken and the egg

by on Jul.27, 2013, under info

Hi guys,

Its Kats here. This week one of my staff members Laura is finishing at Tune Up. She has been working at Tune Up since January this year. Laura… This bubbly, cheeky and naughty girl has given us great support for the past 6 months. Thank you Laura! I wish you all the best.

We have just started looking for a new staff member to replace Laura this week. The last few days we have seen many nice people with lots of talent… But Tune Up is just a little venue and we have only one position available. Such a shame! It seems like finding work is not that easy, particularly this time of year. I can see all the candidates are trying very hard… Its not an easy time for lots of employers too. We still need to be tough and we still need to be patient. We also do our best every single night at Tune Up bar.

My staff at Tune Up support me in running this business, as this is my instruction to them…. Enjoy working at Tune Up bar with customers. I think they do enjoy!!! I hope!! But it makes me wonder… Is it a good environment here because my staff smile and enjoy working here or do they smile and enjoy working here because it is a good environment. The chicken and the egg. Ultimately it doesn’t matter which one came first but there is only one thing I know… That all they can control is their smile, there for the answer should be that because my staff smile the environment is good. Wow, shit that’s great! I found that I instruct my staff to do something I cannot do. Because I am not such an outgoing or bubbly person.

This is something I can also learn. There must be lots of ways to run a successful business and lots of ways to find a successful career but I found there is only one way to succeed. It doesn’t matter what area, there is only one way… To make people happy.

Until next time… Lets keep on going!


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